Web 1920 – 1

Heartland Travels

Heartland Travels is a responsive 3 page design project for a travel website.

The project was made for a solo design assignment for my web design course at Red River College Polytech.

The web design was made as a mobile first design and is a brochure style website design with 3 pages : Home, Flight Finder and Contact.


Each page has a landing section, main content section, newsletter section and a footer section. A icon-set was designed for the website. The backgrounds of sections alternate between a eye-grabbing energetic orange and subtle dark themed overlays with images of nature, landscapes, travel and wilderness underneath.


Web 1920 – 1

Home Desktop

Web 1920 – 2

Home Phone

Web 1920 – 3

Flights Desktop

Web 1920 – 4

Flights Phone

Web 1920 – 5

Contact Desktop

Web 1920 – 6

Contact Phone

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