About Me

Web Developement and UI/ UX major student from Red River College Polytech based in Winnipeg.

I have practical experience in developing dynamic, functional, interactive and data-rich websites based on javascript and related frameworks and libraries.

I have worked with User Interface Design softwares like Figma and Adobe XD and tools to design, prototype, test and optimize user interfaces and experiences.

I wish to provide value to the organization I am part of while broadening my own skill set and continuing to learn through my experience.


More About Me

I came to Canada in 2021 as an International student at Red River College Polytech, Winnipeg. I am a student of Digital Media Design - Interactive Media Design & Development here at RRC. Some of the things I enjoy doing are Watching movies, Trying out new kinds of food and exploring new places, Cycling, etc. During my course at RRC I realized how much I like coding, so when I am not doing the things I mentioned above you will find me well...coding.