Fresh Foundary Store App

Fresh Foundary is an e-commerce website developed as a part of an academic project. 

The project was one of the highest scoring submissions amongst the final submissions of server-side class of our program at RRC Polytech. The online grocery shopping website was developed as a two people group by me (Maaz Gundagi), and my fellow classmate Ishan Dogra. The responsibilities on both frontend and backend of the website were equally shared by both me and Ishan.

Key Features: Login / Logout, User Registration, Sessions, User/ Admin Privilages, Personalized Cart System, Admin Dashboard, Inventory (Crud), Order Listing. 

Technologies Used: Php, MySql, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Apache


Development Environment: Xampp


More about the project:

The Frontend of the project was built using HTML and CSS. Bootstrap was used to create form elements of the website. 

For backend, Xampp's server side stack was utilized. Hence the application was developed locally on a apache server where Php was utilized as the main server side language. Mysql (MariaDb, a fork of MySql that comes bundled with Xampp) was used as the database solution for the website.

Working of the application

User would land on the landing page of the website. From there they can decide between browsing the app or logging in/ signing up. Signing up would make the user fill a short form and then user would be directed to the log in page. Once logged in, a user with 'user' privilages would be able to browse the website, go through the product lists etc. Users can then choose to add items to cart by clicking in add to cart button. Once the cart is filled with the goods they want to purchase, they may choose to view cart and place an order. Users can view their orders on orders page accessable through navigation bar.

Admin would land on the same landing page and may choose to browse the public pages or go to the log in page. 'Admin' privilage accounts cannot be created by the public signup form. Admin would log in using the public log in. System will detect the privilage of the account and direct the admin to admin version of the app. The website looks identical after an admin log in with an addition of a red 'A' marked button hovering in bottom right of the screen. Clicking the same would take the admin to the admin dashboard. Here admin has a few option. Clicking on Inventory will toggle the category accordian displaying all categories of goods. Admin may then choose to click on a category which will take him to the inventory management form for that category. Admin may then choose to perform crud operations to edit inventory for the category. Admin will also have access to orders page, this will display all the orders that are pending. Admin can click on a particular order to view it's details. Once an order is completed, admin can mark it as complete which will remove the order from the list of pending orders. Admin also has access to a log of registered users displayed in a tabular form on the Users screen with fullname, username and email being displayed.

Logging out is same for both 'user' and 'admin' accounts. To log out user can click the log out button situated on the nav bar.

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